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Phase 3 partner with you in providing expertise to make the most of your investment in iTrent at any stage of your project. We apply both breadth and depth of iTrent consultancy specialism with an objective perspective. We share your aim to get the best from your iTrentsystem from project kick-off to each go-live milestone and into further phases of development or redevelopment. The iTrent HR technology has gained a reputation as the leading HR and Payroll system for educational facilities.


Phase 3 extend your project teams as partners to get the best out of your HR systems at any stage of your project and afterwards too. We are specialists with both breadth and depth of CoreHR consultancy experience and yet we bring a fresh and objective perspective to make the human resource information system as user friendly as possible. This system is one of the best HRIS services as it allows your HR team to deliver both transactional and transformational value to your business.

Sage People

Phase 3 partner with Sage and Sage People to provide a team for independent, specialist Sage People consultancy. We share your aim to get the best from your Sage Business Cloud People system. Because we are independent, benefit from both our depth of knowledge about your chosen HR technology and an objective perspective. This popular human resource management system is popular with small businesses and larger organisations as it allows you to get instant and complete visibility of your workforce. It also helps you to make better business decisions, with people analytics and other insights available.


Our expertise extends yours to make the most of your HR investment in ResourceLink at any stage of your project with both breadth and depth of ResourceLink consultancy delivered in a complementary and objective way. It helps you to cover project management, scoping, requirements analysis and design – making it a helpful HR solution.

What are the benefits of these HR systems?

There are many different benefits to these different HR systems, but each one can increase productivity, the services benefit administration, offer insightful and actionable employee data and they can make it easier for managing employees.

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