What is Bite-Sized Consultancy?

Bite-sized Consultancy enables you to guarantee control of your consultancy requirements for the longer term and with flexible delivery by a team that you know:

• Guaranteed availability and response times
• High calibre, independent advice
• Named consultancy team of experts
• Convenience of phone and email – immediate advice and guidance
• Flexible style of delivery
• Top-up expertise to complement internal teams
• Affordability and cost control – transparent pricing structures
• Full integration with Phase 3 Consulting Service Delivery team – managed services
• Emergency and interim cover

How does it work?

Our consultancy team are available by phone or email for a guaranteed response in 2 hours to any request for support which will be completed within 2 days. We agree on the contact names from your team who can approach us for support. In return we offer you a named team of professional consultants to support you to the full bite-sized scope. You tell us the volume of our time you’d like committed to you and we can flex up or down depending on your ongoing requirements. If you don’t use the time we can carry that forward to the next month.


Why Phase 3?

  • We will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be – we think HR systems excellence is achievable for all
  • The Phase 3 unique position is to be able to partner HR strategist consultants, Payroll Specialists and Business Intelligence analysts to work in close dialogue – skills rare to combine
  • Because we are whole-of-market we’ll pick this up whether you are using iTrent, ResourceLink, Sage Business Cloud People, CoreHR. And if your HR system is a simple one we can work with that too. Many organisations have different HCM solutions and payroll products to take care of.
  • Often chosen following our system review, bite-sized consultancy is an efficient way of delivering ongoing improvements to your chosen technologies

What next?

Contact us and fix a conversation to find out more. We will discuss with you:

  • Which technology you currently use
  • Your main areas of concern or wish-list of improvements
  • Your in-house capabilities and budget
  • Whether you wish to upskill an internal team to self-sufficiency or outsource your systems support provision
Need to know more about Bite-Sized Consultancy options? Contact us on
0800 321 3032
or email via info@phase3consulting.co.uk
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