Testing Times in HR technology! Part 8 of the Smooth Steps series guiding folks through the full project life-cycle is all about testing – user acceptance testing (‘UAT’), piloting and the parallel run, which usually refers to payroll. It is a series part packed with practical tips.

Unlike the (implementation) ‘building blocks’, I give the tests and trials of testing rather more focus than you might expect. That’s because from my independent perspective I can stand back and observe that, in general, our Phase 3 customers around the country suffer from an unfortunate triple whammy here:

  1. Less knowledge
  2. Less support
  3. Less planning

This leads to an underestimate of what it takes to test and pilot and a disappointment about the results. This creates a horribly unnecessary consequence that project teams can feel that nothing can be done if trials of new systems don’t go well. I think that’s such a shame: the test period should be a return to the buzz and excitement, as I comment in the article, of the beauty parade that is product demonstrations at the very start. It is your chance to get your hands on your own real-(nearly)-live system!

All this is avoidable with a bit of extra know-how and Testing Times aims to give you just that.

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