The Phase 3 story started in my spare bedroom in March 2004.

Since I can remember, I’d always wanted to run my own business, it was the most natural thing in the world to me and not something which I was daunted by. I’d love to say that my mission was to make the HR tech consulting space a better place or that I saw a gap in the market but I didn’t – I just wanted to start my own business. Armed with a mobile, a laptop and my trusted journal I started Phase 3.

After a few months the bedroom changed to small offices, 1 became 2 and we started punching well above our weight – winning and delivering projects we had no right to. We upset quite a few people (and HR Tech vendors) along the way but this was all part of our journey and finding our feet.

14 years later we are firmly established in the UK HR Tech Consulting space. I could go on about customer numbers, revenue and why we are different to the rest but none of that matters to me. What does matter is customer feedback, our wonderful team, our culture and enjoying what we all do. After all, what’s the point in coming to work each day if you don’t enjoy it?

Our core values of Independence, Talent, Innovation, Credibility, Flexibility & Fun shine through in everything we do and I feel humbled and proud to lead such an amazing business. It feels like we are still at the start of our story and I’m still as enthused about Phase 3 today as I was 14 years ago. I hope you enjoy our website and look forward to welcoming you to the Phase 3 family soon.

Assad Ahmed - Founding Director
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