In the sourcing, selection or candidacy for the role of Project Manager (“PM”) I become aware that other professional folk could do with a bit of help in making that job real to them. I and we at Phase 3 Consulting are asked what is and should be going on in the PM office. I have a personal respect for admirable sub-text about how therefore to engage with project management, or indeed perhaps as HR to act as a project manager when it’s not “in the training”.

To think in terms of project is certainly different. Whilst a PM role can be crafted contractually, logistically and semantically in different ways, to think in terms of project may be not a professional default but it has merit.

Download here the formal (less so!) Project Manager JD White Paper

Read on to….

  • Source and select a project manager as a project sponsor or recruiter.
  • Engage well with your PM within a project team.
  • Succeed in your candidacy and/or:
  • Get to grips with acting as PM when it’s not your normal day job!



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