The current problem is that traditional career structures ask you to choose between technology skills and people skills. The HR Technology competency framework describes a set of skills, competencies and attributes for people-focused technology answers. It is a unique model and it’s independent of any particular system, organisation or job role. You can apply the framework in your context.

5 areas are included:

Organisation     Systems     People     Method     Self


At Phase 3 we call this ‘Grow Your Own’ – because this is what you can do with your talent.

What can you do with the skillset?

Adopt the Phase 3 HR technology competency framework for:

Read on for some starting ideas about how to develop careers in people technology, using the model. You can do so supported by Phase 3 expertise, or of your own initiative.

What will you learn from the skillset?

Using the framework, you will explore how to balance 5 areas of expertise and understanding, translated into practical behaviours at work:

Organisation     Systems     People     Method     Self

Think about what happens when a key user or consultant working with you and your people technology is strong in one or two of these areas, but unhelpful in another. How does this impact project success? Effective process? Team-working? User adoption? What can go wrong?

How can you use the skillset? Getting Started.

Get started with the HR Technology competency framework for:

Contact Phase 3 consultants for more advice about this toolkit model. Scope your training and development requirements. Explore resources.


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