HR Tech Trends 2019 – by Kate Wadia

How to follow the fashion but not be a trend-setter

Each year I look at the HR technology trends ahead. In this year’s feature, which you can download: HR Tech Trends for 2019 by Kate Wadia, I’ll explain 10 key trends and a number of others I encourage you to watch and wait for until another 12 months has passed us by….

Just as there is business behind the fashion industry, there is fashion behind any business industry. Technology and people technology has all the characteristics of a business with fashion.

When this is inevitably true of our industry, we think it’s important to get some sensible thinking happening to decide which of the trends are passing fads and which are those to go for. When do you want to lead the pack and when do you want to follow the crowd later on?

2019 is set to be an uncertain time in the macro environment. That means an extra caution not to be cavalier with HR system investments. Avoid being too much of a trend-setter, but don’t risk your digitalisation of people functions and the employee experience by lagging too far behind.

In the year ahead, we’ll see a big agenda for integrations, partnerships, payroll and data-driven HR practices. There will be movements on pricing and new providers. Much will be said about the capabilities HR need to support tech skills. But I’m going to wait it out until, for example, I suggest that talent software is sorted, or that blockchain is ready for our adoption.

Read about the right way we suggest to drive a balanced people technology strategy in 2019 by downloading the paper:  HR Tech Trends for 2019 by Kate Wadia

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About the Author: Kate Wadia

Kate’s passion at work is for bridging the gap between technology and people at work, translating for HR professionals the language of HR systems and making meaningful their potential. She believes that success with people technology is through people and that people are the differentiator. Using simple techniques drawn from HR experience, project management, business psychology and analogy with everyday life, Kate presents and explains how to work well with technology and technology projects in an HR leadership role. With a background in contrasting private and public sector HR management, Kate developed her thinking in seeking for herself to understand her first HR systems project-work. Kate is currently a Director of Phase 3 Consulting, offering an independent take on the HR systems market in the UK, through a network of experts and a talented, growing internal team. Kate’s guiding principle is that openness offers knowledge-sharing, credibility and trust. Incorrigibly enthusiastic and up absurdly early for a working morning, she swears that she only drinks three good coffees a day, but nobody believes her! Kate also writes as an HR Zone columnist.

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