How to talk about Governance and see it done well for your HR project

Governance is a clunky and chunky word for professionals – those in HR but colleagues across the business too – to get to grips with. We wished at Phase 3 to take away some of the mystique of that and get at what Project Governance, particularly in the context of HR technology project-work, is all about and therefore how to apply an impactful approach.

Party Games

The danger of an elusive concept like governance is that stakeholders work to very differing expectation and therefore action.

Think about the party game where a team of players are asked to draw a picture of something very every-day, described by the lead who knows what that thing is but is not allowed to say the word itself. Without being able to talk about what we mean very clearly, then one player tries to draw an elephant and the other a banana skin. Both are quite likely a pretty good way to lose the prize. In the context of projects – and particularly those involving large numbers of stakeholders – things are further exacerbated by motives. One person wants the result to be an elephant. The next wants the result to be the metaphorical banana skin. As I’ve not yet shared what was intended to be drawn, in reading you do not yet know who is the closer nor how to correct those drawings and win the game.

These are questions of method in a change journey and don’t be fooled that, by sharing a vision of the end project result, there is a sharing of the best way to get there. The good news is that we think governance is something that, with a bit of straight-talking, is no elephant, no beast of burden, no banana skin and no slippery fish. It can be the makings of great decisions, great decision-making and great results.

Read, therefore, our HR guide [hide for=”logged”]here[/hide][hide for=”!logged”]here[/hide] to make Governance real in your context, to understand what it means, how to apply and how to avoid the heavy weather. Understand the value of sound project governance and learn I trust with both light read and light touch how to tackle with greater confidence, conviction and commitment to a good cause.

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