Choosing the right HR technology for your business can be a challenge

Navigating the HR and people technology market is a challenge. Your selection project is a key opportunity to secure the best product and service fit, so this is the time to invest in clear understanding and focused decision-making. At Phase 3, we focus our expertise on suggesting the fit that is as unique as your organisation. Because we are independent, we stand back from the UK market in HRIS, we are unfettered in the advice that we can give.

Selection with difference

We are independent of vendors, so we can listen to your requirements and offer unbiased advice. We think that giving expert opinions is a good thing, but we’ll distinguish opinion from fact and decipher the facts too. If we make a recommendation, then it is because it is one we believe in.

We explain things to make the impact clear. Phase 3 consultants translate between system sales personnel and your team and convey what you need. Expect transparency in our own service delivery too – how we charge and what we are doing. We find out what is different about you and your organisation’s requirements. By focusing on differentiators – and saving time by translating the rest – we’ll enable you to concentrate on organisational objectives, priorities and user experiences.

Scope of system selection

Our approach is tailored to your needs, and we apply common principles in selection to choosing an Integrated HR and Payroll product for you, or to a more limited objective, such as Payroll, Talent Management System or Learning platform. An essential start point is to address the overall systems map in your context and be sure that scope is right.
A named team of committed Phase 3 consultants – who will become known to you through your project – can then support you to cover:

  • Requirements analysis and capture
  • Business process or current system review
  • Research, short-listing and supplier invitation or tender (formal or informal)
  • Supplier response and demonstrations (‘beauty parades’)
  • Selection choice with due diligence
  • Contract negotiation
  • Project planning and implementation of the preferred and chosen HR technology

Consistent and continuing support is something that our clients appreciate. Keep the same expert team engaged with you on a guaranteed basis for implementation and project delivery and ongoing advice and guidance or further phases of development.

The Phase 3 Insights library gives you plenty more to read about system selection or:
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