What is a System Review or Health-check?

Our consultant starts by establishing the status quo along and what is and isn’t working so well. We hear it with a fresh perspective and from your point of view. Phase 3 apply our specialist system knowledge to explore the foundations of how your system has been built and we’ll look at how it could be used better.

The scope of the review can be guided by you and we will also give you our own about systems efficiency. We will address any concern you may have, for example about compliance and your business rules and processes.

What to expect from Phase 3?

  • Fresh and independent but specialist view-point – incisive and informed advice
  • A flexible approach, without prescription but with guidance
  • Scope decided in collaboration
  • A modest investment achieving rapid up-skilling
  • Answers to the questions ‘What don’t I know?’ and ‘What else could my system do?’, ‘What are the limits to this system and the alternative solutions to those limits?’

In practical terms, receive from us a clear report with prioritised recommendations and mini-roadmaps as to what is required to take your system to the next level.

Why choose Phase 3?

  • Our highly skilled and experienced consultants have full system knowledge across different modules, giving clients consistency and continuity, with a holistic view
  • Phase 3 have a team of consultants working remotely to step in and offer additional support should there need to be an acceleration
  • We can offer a project mentor with an HR background, acting as a critical friend. Your review is then set in its strategic people context
  • Our advice is independent and our objectivity allows for focus with you on the best fit for you now and for the long-term
  • We share your aim for developing internal teams and sharing knowledge – fostering self-sufficiency

Many of our customers choosing system reviews move on to achieve more with their chosen technologies supported by bite-sized consultancy.

Do you need a System Review? See what is required to take your system to the next level Contact us on 0800 321 3032 or email
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