What is Electric?

The Electric theme of iTrent is a new ‘skin’ for the system which replaces the current skin for those users who use the ‘Cyan’ or ‘Blue’ themes. This fundamentally changes the way that users interact with the system and navigate around iTrent. The impact of this will be:

  1. Engagement with end users (or your clients)
  2. Training for users will be required
  3. Guidance notes/documents will need to be updated
  4. Security profiles will need to be reviewed
  5. Quick Links currently in place will need to be reviewed


We understand that clients may have concerns over the new requirement for all iTrent users to switch to the Electric Theme. Our experts are on hand to scope and support the delivery of the upgrade to the level you require – so you don’t have to be the expert!


Our scoping focuses on determining your requirements and identifying the activities that Phase 3 will carry out with you and those which you retain.  For some the transition will be simple, with few users and only a handful of security profiles, for other clients with thousands of users and potentially hundreds of security profiles we recognise this may be a challenge.

The Service can cover the full transition as follows:

Note that the time requirement largely depends on your current setup and if you have any requirements to change your security profiles whilst reviewing the profiles for Electric.

Switching Over to the Electric Theme

It should be noted that if the client is happy with the MHR Electric homepage and link design, the switchover could happen in minutes by a tickbox exercise.  Your Phase 3 Consultant will advise you during the scoping call whether this activity could be carried out in house, or if further works are needed and the amount of support and time that this will require.


Please see the below as a menu of choices towards the Electric Theme Upgrade:


  • Full scoping session looking at your own system to determine the level of work required
  • Review of the current security profiles with Electric Theme modifications and features to see how managers are affected considering possible access issues, incorporating GDPR requirements
  • Collating and switching to new electric theme profiles
  • Option to redesign and personalise processes including Payroll – taking this opportunity to housekeep your system
  • Changes to the out of the box personalisation and specific amendments
  • Full testing of new security access links
  • Reconfiguration of iTrent Branding and Backdrop using your own brand guidelines
  • Objective and independent advice towards iTrent Electric Theme options
  • Bespoke Training and user guides or videos to suit your organisational needs
  • Delivery dates offered on a flexible basis to incorporate payroll lockdowns to minimise system disruption


Integrating our Services


If you currently work with Phase 3 and have bite-sized consultancy, you can use this pre-paid time to support the Electric Theme upgrade.  Alternatively, you can choose from the above options and a delivery style that suits you (onsite or remote) to carry out the work.

Working with Phase 3


Phase 3 work have worked with over 500 clients and act as extension to your own team, in supporting the configuration of electric we provide advice and guidance to you to enable your internal people to take charge of the process, transferring knowledge and future proofing your design. For those without internal resource for iTrent support we work alongside you to make the changes and provide full sets of documentation to enable ongoing maintenance of security.


Call us for a free scoping call to determine the effort required to transfer to Electric in your system.


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