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We believe that sharing knowledge doesn’t dilute it – so you can benefit from our expertise. As thought leaders in HR technology, we build confidence and competencies in HR teams.

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#WOTW: Word of the Week - Machine Learning

#WOTW: Word of the Week - Machine Learning #WOTW: Machine Learning – is perhaps most simply put as technology that is able to learn, itself, how to perform - based…

#WOTW: Word of the Week - Augmented Humanity

#WOTW: Word of the Week - Augmented Humanity #WOTW: Augmented Humanity – means humanity made greater. The phrase was probably first used in 2010 by Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, to…

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Development Day

A full on-site training day, including a scoping call to set your tailored agenda, focused on Business Objects as your analytics solution. Your day is planned to meet your organisational needs and team skill levels and delivered in your own choice of venue at a time to suit you. A prior planning and scoping exercise will be carried out with you by our consultant.

Choose optionally to include wider conceptual agenda items, examining what you do with analytics. Examples we suggest are considerations for the design of your HR reporting services and schedule, how to further develop analytics capabilities and/or the use of other workplace technologies deployed within your organisation aside from the HCM solution to problem-solve, automate and integrate with data and information flow. Discussion will be tailored as above.

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