Options in HRIS

What are my HRIS choices?

Integrated, “best of breed” and “bolt-on”
The reach of a chosen system into the organisation requires a balance between the benefits of integration and specialism. Pragmatically your choice may depend on timing, systems strategies and price point, as well as the degree to which particular functionality in one area is required. “Best of breed” here we use to refer to the integrated HR and Payroll products which can offer a happy medium.


Hosting Solutions and the Cloud
Cloud-based technologies have taken the HRIS market by storm! Consider the benefits of taking the IT risk out of house and putting it up there. Most providers can now offer a cloud-based hosting solution, which means that your application will be not need to be installed on your own hardware, nor that of your supplier. Most cloud-based solutions will be “public” but private clouds are also available.


The Software-As-A-Service (“SaaS”) concept is not quite the same thing. Whether you purchase your HRIS as a service, rather than a product that you own, or own for a licensed period, does dictate whether your service is cloud-based. However it is possible to own a system that is cloud-based too. Consider SaaS to be a procurement rather than a deployment model therefore and make sure that as a purchaser you find out all of the potential licensing and hosting options available.


The HR system need not be managed by internal IT even if your choice is not to be cloud-based. Hosting options are typically available, allowing vendors or even third parties, to carry that responsibility and risk for you.


Distinguish too the hosting or management of the application from a software and product perspective (server installation, stability and performance, upgrade and support etc) with options for running the HR service using the software chosen:


Managed and Fully-Managed Services
Managing the use of your HR system is very different from this. The concept of a “payroll bureau” now extends into full management of most of the processes which your system can perform, such that you can cut out the need for unaffordable specialism in-house, or transfer out routine, process-driven tasks. This includes choices for HR transactions and administration, as well as higher value operations. It may prove cost-effective to look at someone else taking on the running of your day-to-day use of the HRIS (and see our Retained Services options for some examples).


Managing the Project
As independent HR systems delivery partners, Phase 3 Consulting can help you to navigate through some of these issues at system selection. Thereafter, we believe that working together to add our experience of project delivery provides for the best chance of project success.


You will need to determine your project methods and line up the right resources and project partners. Decide on the extent to which you wish your supplier to provide guideline project plans and whether you have the right skills internally to lead these plans. There will be significant choices to explore in relation to the project approach and how to arrive at a “go-live” date.


Expect to need to attend carefully to the organisational and cultural change processes which implementing or extending a new HR system will bring and factor in project time for everyone to catch up on that. Think ahead to dealing with resistance. Look to establish an active engagement with the client community using your chosen HR system. Believe in the benefits and set your milestone for revisiting those.


Take a look at our Consultancy Services, our Events and the industry Insights pages for some ideas to get the best out of HRIS.