Smooth Technology Projects: 12 Significant Steps to Success (Part 3)

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05 Oct Smooth Technology Projects: 12 Significant Steps to Success (Part 3)


Part 3: System Selection: Creating the right process

In this 12-part series, Kate guides the HR professional through how to navigate, succeed and lead with HR tech project-work. From the inception of the business case to the handover into BAU, we’ll follow an indicative project timeframe to explain the way and the why of a project step-by- step, to give you a full toolkit of practical points, a deciphering of definitions and the top tips to get results important to HR and the wider business.

We are really pleased that HR Zone are sharing a 12-part series covering the steps to successful HR technology project-work. Enjoy that content via the Phase 3 Insights library or pick up the same advice from Kate’s column. The aim is to complete a toolkit of real, practical advice for professionals for whom systems project management is not the day job to navigate those projects from start to finish with confidence and to success. Each article includes key questions, useful tips and small actions you can take away to make your own personal progress.

In the opening article of the series, as featured on our Insights pages, we have taken you through the Business Case and a Navigation of the Systems Market – therefore, some of the right choices to be making. It concerns me in systems selection work that, too readily, questions about the end result and the process are confused. That is why I chose to write parts 2 and 3 separately: focusing here on the right process to follow in that system selection stage. Yes, the process makes a real difference to the quality of outcome; but maintaining that clear distinction in mind during software selection will help you keep a level head in your choice of purchase.

Read Part 3, in full here

Part 4 is going to help you with your homework getting prepared. And then soon there will be some advice about resourcing for that project process (part 6) and for HR about how to adopt a project mind-set (part 5), both enabling of a comfortable collaboration with your technology specialist professionals.”

Kate Wadia
Kate Wadia

Kate’s passion at work is for bridging the gap between technology and people at work, translating for HR professionals the language of HR systems and making meaningful their potential. She believes that success with people technology is through people and that people are the differentiator. Using simple techniques drawn from HR experience, project management, business psychology and analogy with everyday life, Kate presents and explains how to work well with technology and technology projects in an HR leadership role. With a background in contrasting private and public sector HR management, Kate developed her thinking in seeking for herself to understand her first HR systems project-work. Kate is currently the Managing Director of Phase 3 Consulting, offering an independent take on the HR systems market in the UK, through a network of experts and a talented, growing internal team. Kate’s guiding principle is that openness offers knowledge-sharing, credibility and trust. Incorrigibly enthusiastic and up absurdly early for a working morning, she swears that she only drinks three good coffees a day, but nobody believes her! Kate also writes as an HR Zone columnist.

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