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Business Objects provides for many of our clients the natural reporting ally for their chosen HRIS. Phase 3 Consulting partnerships address a need for business intelligence expertise to support you and your teams. Our network includes specialists with whom we work closely, so that reporting services fit with a holistic HRIS approach. We think that reporting requirements need to be included in early scoping work and we think that later reporting work achieves the best results for you when there is a whole-project perspective. Phase 3 business intelligence consultants work with our Service Delivery team and lead application consultants for an integrated partnership.


Working with us


Agility and flexibility are really important in business intelligence work. Our ethos includes a belief in sharing our knowledge. In practice you will wish to choose whether we focus Business Objects work on training and coaching your team or on the delivery of finished reports or report solutions. In many contexts, we can aim to achieve increased self-sufficiency, with a “top-up” of expertise as required. The balance is part of our scoping discussion with you.


Engage our experts for design work and specification, problem-solving, at-the-desk coaching or focused training time. We are happy to offer remote work, to which many reporting missions lend themselves well, where it is simply the result that matters.


Note that clients of our iTrent Retained Consultancy can consider Business Objects work as a part of their everyday service and may wish to look to our retained team for comprehensive reporting support.


Thinking beyond


From a whole-of-market position, you may wish to explore with us an objective view on your reporting options. Phase 3 HRIS specialists are often happy to work with not only the core application, but with Business Objects as well. We will see those reporting tools as an integrated part of a system solution – and one option, but not always the only one.


Business Objects and Cognos are familiar reporting tools to us. But reporting on people information is full of increasing possibility. As independent consultancy partners, we need to make sure you have all-round advice about the best fit between your HRIS solutions and your organisational aspiration, both now and into the future.


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*SAP Business Objects and Cognos are registered Trademarks of SAP and IBM respectively. Phase 3 Consulting are an independent organisation and not affiliated with either company, or vendor of alternative business intelligence solutions.