Meet Our Team | Phase 3
Meet the names and faces behind Phase 3 Consultancy!
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Our People

Our Team

Managing Director, founder, executive leadership, financial management, managing talent (with Kate), Dubai lover, Friday office DJ/Vocalist, denim aficionado

Assad Ahmed

Managing Director

Fairsail and iTrent System Implementation and Review, HR professional, tennis ace, NFL enthusiast and a Rubik’s Cube maven

Simon Davis

HR Systems Consultant

Office-based account, contract and operational management – musical maestro, story-teller, punchline king, beats the others hands down at pool

Peter Dobson

Operations Manager

Application Consultant, “bite-sized” expert, retained consultancy - curious kayaker, adventurer, can’t-help-but-be-funny, a consultant to sure retain

Bradley Herd

Application Consultant

Fairsail and iTrent, Customer Focus Facilitator, travel and weekend city breaker, country pub fan and coffee challenger of Phase 3’s Infamous Kate Wadia – Costa all the way!

Wayne Johnson

Lead HR Systems Consultant

Consultancy Services Manager, project scoping and reviews, account management, puts the people in people technology - milkshake queen, on-the-go, on-trend mum and we say “Yay!”

Louise Johnston

Consultancy Services Manager

Assisting Consultant in Retained Services, solution finder for clients and team, payroll manager, Excel wizard - coffee convert, calm in your crisis and always our Claire

Claire Matthews

Assisting Consultant in Retained Services

BI4 Reporter, Analytics Analyst, lover of green tea, Man City watcher, dad to two lads, house full of Lego

Paul Mckeown

HR Systems Consultant

Head of Retained Services, lead application consultancy, project scoping and review, payroll expertise - pure millennial, geek in sheep’s clothing, comedy genius, a wonder-man

James Proctor

Head of Retained Services

Application Consultant, technical configuration specialist, consultant mentor, remote delivery – sun-and-fun-loving payroll expert, unofficial mother hen of a rare breed of loyalty

Elaine Richardson

Application Consultant

Application and Business Intelligence Consultant, holistic and strategic consultancy advice, reporting specialism – snappy dresser, master mountain biker, amateur pilot or, alternatively, dad

Iain Robb

Application and Business Intelligence Consultant

Business Intelligence & MI Analyst - Part time gamer, pug fan & graphic art dabbler, “Forza Phase 3!”

Paolo Russo

HR Systems Consultant

Personal Assistant to the Directors, your office contact, ordering Kate and Assad, event coordination, team support – tour guide and our Manchester local lady for shop-‘til-you-drop-for-a-cocktail

Lauren Suthers

Personal Assistant to the Directors

Office-based client care, keeping in touch, contract management, market research, talent-scouting - iron-pumper to perfection, chicken-lover, all round genius

Johan Viklund

Office-based client care

Service Delivery Director, executive directorship, industry insight, strategic consultancy, managing talent – coffee connoisseur, super-intelligent workaholic, a breed of bonkers

Kate also writes as an HR Zone Columnist

Kate Wadia

Service Delivery Director

Specialising in Implementation of CoreHR, Fairsail & iTrent, Website designer, Fishing supremo, film fanatic and certainly not underage

Mike Westwood

Lead Consultant