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cartoon people connecting different parts of data analytics

15 Dec Data-Driven Dialogue: Continuing the Conversation for HR (Part 1)

There are continuing conversations in HR about people analytics, people science, HR analytics, predictives (as variously styled) and the insights we should be deriving. I often wonder whether these are the right conversations. I am booking my place for next year’s CIPD Analytics Conference after #HRanalytics17...

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a meeting of people talking about HR withing Phase 3 headquarters

14 Nov Smooth Technology Projects: 12 Significant Steps to Success (Part 4)

Part 4: Implementation tasks: documents and discovery The Smooth Steps to Success Series I wish to make sure offers everyone an end-to-end toolkit of advice for implementing people technology. Find the complete series, as published in partnership with HR Zone here. Something fabulous about being independent of...

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