Building your Business Case


Building the case for investing in people technology is something with clear measure of success. You may be at system selection stage, contract renewal or perhaps HR systems are part of something bigger by way of organisational change. Or a smaller request for modest investment in more from the same.


Your case is successful if you achieve agreement to the option that you present. But it can be even more successful. Here are some considerations:


Let’s assume a starting goal is to achieve sign-off. How clearly delineated is the scope of the investment you are seeking? Do you understand the type of system and the areas of the business that it will touch? Can you set out the financial cost of implementation and project and an indication of return?


Describe the scope, the options considered and the consequent recommendation. Set out costs and benefits and offer a return. Provide a brief assessment as to risk.


Give thought to the stakeholder audience and the questions they will have for you. How will you present clearly the benefits that are apparent to you? Are you avoiding the “tech speak” that we at Phase 3 Consulting like to translate, so that your case doesn’t struggle to overcome these hurdles? See our Insights for some of that right now.


Regard the business case as an opportunity for more. Use the moment – and take plenty of time, ahead of time – to explore the questions required for an approach to the market. Why does an HR system, or business intelligence/analytics tool, or new module fit with organisational direction? How does it ease pain-points? How does it support values? How does it enable employees and managers to do their jobs? High-level points can be developed into requirements of a system.


Later you can measure the success of your case if your project team return to it to assess realisation of benefits and you find a match of case to invitation to tender, to implementation kick-off documentation, to system blueprints.


Use the business case to get to grips with options. Do you understand licensing, hosting and managed service possibilities, pros and pitfalls? Are you confident that the scale of the products you have in mind are right for your business? Are you taking forward any assumptions that you could question? Avoid seeking solutions that solve symptoms not causes.


If you’d like help with these questions then ask us for consultation and quote for our independent expertise. Take a look in more detail at System Selection or System Review. Read about HR systems in context. Find out what’s on at Phase 3 to join our network and meet others.


A strong case makes for strong scope. And we think scoping makes for success.